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Dear Bedford Families,

Happy October!  After such an inconsistent start to the school year, I am really looking forward to the cool weather and normalcy for the month of October!  This past week we received the results of last year’s administration of PARCC.   We will be sending home your child’s individual results in the next few days.  I am so proud of the progress our students and staff made in the area of Math.  As you might remember, last year we only had an average of 8% of our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders passing the Math assessment.  We increased our pass rate across those grades levels this year to 29%.  While that might still seem like a low number, it is a tremendous rate of progress and much closer to the state and district average.  Our reading progress was consistent with last year with 26% of our students passing.  In some grade levels we outperformed the state and district average and in other grade levels we fall short.  We will continue to work to help prepare our students to demonstrate their mastery of the curriculum on this online assessment.  Students recently took the MAP online assessment and you will also receive those results in a few weeks.  Student take this again in the winter and it allows us to monitor progress and make sure students are on target to make one or more year’s growth over the course of the year.  Below is the media release that Dr. Dance sent out last week regarding PARCC and MAP Testing:

“We have strong concerns about the way Maryland currently assesses student proficiency.  We believe our curriculum is aligned to the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards and accurately reflects what our students need to learn, but it is difficult to determine if the PARCC tests, and the way they are administered, accurately reflect students’ comprehension.   The MAP assessment does an excellent job of assessing students, and we believe this is confirmed by our students’ growth and performance on those tests.” 

We also want to share that we have increased our Afterschool Club offerings for 3rd- 5th graders.  I am excited to share that this year we have students involved in a Yearbook Club, Newspaper Club, 24 Math Challenge Club, TV Studio Club, Garden Club, Chess Club and a Dance Troupe.  Thank you to all our staff who is willing to give their time to run these clubs.  We are also in the process of starting a tutoring program with members of the National Honor Society from Pikesville HS and Milford Mill Academy.  More information will be coming about that great academic and mentoring opportunity for our students.

Thank you as always for all that you do to support the students here at Bedford.  We appreciate the collaborative relationship that helps continue to push our students forward.

Mrs. Christina Connolly, Principal


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