School Compact

2017-2018 Title I

Family Engagement Compact

Bedford Elementary


Title: Super Bee - Description: Picture of Bee standing dressed as a superhero


Principal:  Christina Connolly


 7407 Dorman Drive

Baltimore, Maryland 21208


(410) 887-1200


Title I Family Engagement Liaison: 

Shirley Morton


BCPS Board Policy and Rule 1270


The Board of Education of Baltimore County (Board) recognizes that schools, parents, families and communities must collaborate to support academic achievement, ensuring that every student is prepared for college and career opportunities. Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) promotes meaningful partnerships among schools, parents, family caregivers, and the community at large.


At Home

Families will:

v Review the Weekly Wednesday Folder


v Engage in Reading and Math Night Activities


v Encourage respectful behavior and how to show respect to other when stressed


v Review homework assignments, classwork assignments and BCPS One for student grades weekly.


v Try to attend or send a representative to attend family events.


At School

Students will:

v Engage develop an understanding of their reading level and how they can improve


v Utilize taught problem solving strategies to show perseverance when solving problems.


v Show respect towards all peers and adults in the classroom


v Tell a family member something new you learned in school each week.


v Complete classroom and homework assignments.


v Ask for help from teachers and family when having trouble with school work or peers.


v Bring home communications from school



All Title I schools engage families in the shared decision making process. Schools also provide families with information to understand and support student academic achievement standards. All families will be invited to:

  • Work with school staff to develop the Family Engagement Compact and provide ongoing feedback for compact revisions.


  • Provide input and feedback on the school’s Title I family engagement budget.


  • Share information for school staff professional learning topics on how to effectively communicate and work with families as equal partners.


  • Participate on the School Progress Team to plan, review and improve the School Progress Plan (SPP).


  • Offer comments and/or express concerns about the School Progress Plan.


  • Attend the Annual Title I Parent/Family Meeting.


School staff will be accessible to parents via conferences, email, or phone between 08:30 a.m. and 03:30 p.m.


academic goals and key actions


Key Actions

Reading/Language Arts

Students will maintain their growth rate on MAP at 70% or greater.


Students will increase their achievement rate from 53.5% to 58.5%

Teachers will meet monthly to analyze running record data in order to form flexible groupings and plan targeted small group instruction.


Teachers will explicitly model, teach and support the process of close reading by promoting higher level questioning and utilizing the CCRS standard clusters



Key Actions


Students will maintain their growth rate of MAP at 70% or greater.


Students will increase their achievement rate from 34.9% to 40%

Teachers will utilize research informed instructional strategies to design effective first instruction.




On the Stakeholder Survey, the domain regarding bullying will decrease from 47% to 40%

Incorporate class meetings at 3x per week with a focus on character development, conflict resolution, bullying, inclusion of underrepresented populations, respect.


Develop a Multicultural Club to serve underrepresented populations who feel disengaged with school (Hispanic, White, and Asian)



Family Events

Event Title

Date & Time


Reading Night

Fall 2017

Bedford Elementary

Student Book Swap

Fall 2017

Bedford Elementary

Math Night

Spring 2018

Bedford Elementary



Spring 2018

Bedford Elementary



Support for Families

The following supports may be available to families during family engagement events: Childcare and transportation


v  Event offered during flexible times


v  Interpreters (upon request) Interpretes disponibles si se necesitan

Schoolwide Focus

School Progress Plan Strategic Initiatives



Develop strong foundational skills in literacy in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary and fluency.



Develop strong foundational skills in mathematics (conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, application.



To support a safe and secure environment, develop the ability to make constructive and respectful choices about personal behaviors and social interactions.


At School

The school will:

v Treat students, parents and family members with respect.


v Provide professional learning sessions for school staff on how to develop partnerships and regularly communicate effectively with parents/families about student progress and school programs.


v Offer family workshops and resources that to reinforce learning at home.


v Provide high-quality instruction using strategies that have proven to be successful.


v Provide families with information regarding BCPS and state curriculum and assessments.


v Build partnerships with outside agencies and businesses to provide additional resources for families.


v Provide conference availability times to parents/families for conferences on November 17, 2017.


v Provide volunteer opportunities.


v Distribute the Right to Know letter to all families.