Healthy Snacks

Dear Bedford Families,

                In 2018 the Baltimore County Board of Education approved a Wellness Policy that includes guidelines for the snacks that can be brought into school for classroom celebrations, including birthdays.  Unfortunately, cupcakes are not approved under the healthy eating guidelines and therefore can no longer be sent in for birthday celebrations.  If you would like, Ms. Fisher has worked to identify some snacks that fall within the guidelines that you could send in for classroom parties, birthdays, etc.  We also encourage you to send it non-edible treats such as pencils, fun notepads or other small items that are always popular.  The cafeteria also sells a special birthday cookie if you would like to purchase that for the class. Please keep a copy of this list where you can reference it throughout the year.  Please also know that this list has been generated by Ms. Fisher by looking at food labels and identifying snacks that fit the guidelines. It does not cover every food out there.  If you have an idea for a snack that you would like to send it, please feel free to contact Mrs. Fisher to discuss. Please also note that this policy does not apply to what you send in your child’s lunch, only what you provide for the whole class to eat.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Thanks for your understanding!

Mrs. Connolly


Bedford Elementary Snack List

Baltimore County Public Schools has adopted a Wellness Policy which has updated guidelines for snacks in schools. The food and beverages need to meet or exceed federal and state nutrition standards. For example, a serving must be 200 calories or less, have less than 200 mg sodium, calories from fat need to be less than 35%, first ingredient must be whole wheat or grain, fruit, dairy, or protein, and cannot start with sugar or white flour. As we become familiar with acceptable snacks more will be added. Thanks for your understanding.

Some snack suggestions that are nut free include:

Fruit and Vegetables such as:

Apple slices (Pre-cut and packaged)
Carrots (Pre-cut and packaged)
Celery (Pre-cut and packaged)
Snap peas (Pre-cut and packaged)
Prepackaged individual applesauce
Oranges and clementine
Boxed raisins
Fruit cups in juice

Sweet Snacks:

Keebler Vienna Fingers
Nabisco Teddy Grahams
Animal Crackers (Austin, Nabisco, Barnum)
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
Fig Newtons
Chips Ahoy

Salty Snacks:

Cheese nips (sodium slightly over)
Utz regular chips, honey wheat pretzels, cheese curls
Cheetos reduced fat puffs
Ruffles regular and reduced fat chips
Pringles regular chips
Wise regular potato chips, light salted, ridges sour cream and onion,
Ruffles chips cheddar and sour cream, sour cream and onion chips,
Fritos original, classic ranch, honey BBQ twists
Herrs regular potato chips
Skinny pop popcorn plain
Doritos nacho cheese (slightly over in sodium)
Doritos cool ranch
Lays regular, honey BBQ, BBQ, sour cream and onion, cheddar and sour cream, kettle cooked, wavy cheddar, wavy BBQ, wavy ranch.
Baked Lays regular, sour cream and onion, BBQ
Baked Ruffles
Baked Tostitos
All Sun Chips
Tostitos regular chips
Wheat thins
Smart food delight popcorn
Ritz crackers
Goldfish crackers and pretzels (slightly over in sodium)


Cheese sticks
Pudding cups