Patricia Lopez

Hello My Name Is...

Patricia Lopez

Libraian Mrs. Lopez

Welcome families to the 2018-2019 school year!  I am pleased to continue as your school Librarian again this year.  I am excited to share all the wonderful reading opportunities that are available in our school library. 

My entire teaching experience has been at Bedford Elementary.   Upon receiving my degree in elementary education from Towson University, I began teaching second grade.  After eight years of experience and returning from maternity leave,  I moved on to become a third grade teacher.  After several years as a third grade teacher, I am excited to now to be the school Librarian! 

In addition to my undergraduate degree, I have a Masters Degree in Mathematics.  I also have a passion for learning about the newest technology available to the students and spend time attending  classes on this subject matter. Does your child know thier BCPS One user name and password?? 

I am looking forward to a wonderful year and hope you are too!